Serenely Submissive

HI!!! I'm Emi & this is my kinky playground. Also has a mix of random personal stuff and well just randomness in general.
Feel free to check out my "about me" section and my "selfies/playtime" pics in my links below. Enjoy perving my blog and drop me a line sometime :)
My blog is very NSFW so you need to be 18+ (This is to protect me from legal repercussions not to protect you from naughty things)
m3nth0l-sm00th asked: Psstt *whispers from a blanket fort* want some cookies and cocoa? My kitties don't wanna play with me :(



Aw no:( uhu I’ll come play with you☺️ I’ll bring lollipops an my princess colouring books that we can share an make all pretty🌸

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