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HI!!! I'm Emi & this is my kinky playground. Also has a mix of random personal stuff and well just randomness in general.
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homemadesauce asked: hey there Emi! your blog is great. followed. Will you check out mine? I think you will like it :-)



the-sweetest-of-them-all asked: Hi! I just a submissive princess- (21 yrs old) that likes your blog and what you stand for. 1) My favorite colors are pink and cream 2) Favorite musical: (movie) Sound of Music (stage) Spring Awakening 3) Favorite ice cream is strawberry 4) I have a kitty named Ginnie. She's perfect and annoying. 5) Random fact: um I'm wildly feminist and submissive?


Aww thats perfect. Thank you for responding :)


I don’t know why I expected that to end any differently.

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Anonymous asked: I'm not sure if I just missed the answer or if you didn't see my last ask. Anyway, how do you balance expressing your little side with being a mother?



Juggling a family and my Little side has become a great talent of mine through experiences of trial and error! I think what works for me isn’t something that would work for everyone so I can only share my experiences and then you’ll have to discover what works for you specifically on your journey. 

For me, keeping my Little Space and “Bio-Mom-Mode” (LOL) space separate but still working together, has become almost second nature. I have my triggers into Little Space and I have my triggers for when I need to be in Mom-Mode. In our home, Daddy’s room is separate from the rest of the house, which allows for me to have a safe environment to escape into Little Space when it’s appropriate, where during Minion Awake time, the rest of the house is fairly strict to Mom-Mode. 

When the Minions are awake, being Mom is number one priority. I am never triggered into Little Space by them at all, sometimes Daddy will sneak a little kiss or call me “Kiddo” and for that exact moment, the Little inside me giggles and grins, but until the time and environment is appropriate for me to be full Little, I just don’t go there. I never feel like there is an imbalance either, what we have just works for me.

Sometimes in these situations, you have to set aside time to be Little so that you’re not feeling like your Little Space is being neglected. So, setting aside (with the help of a sitter maybe) time for Little you, is important! Just make sure you’re being aware of any imbalances in your time. You wouldn’t wait to neglect either part of your life. To find that balance, you need to explore what works for you! It’s all part of the journey.

Best of luck!



dear 98% of the people that follow me that dont talk to me


Who are you

Whats your favorite color

Favorite musical

Favorite ice cream flavor

Do you have a cat

Random fact about you


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